Maybe I shouldn’t be thankful this time. 

I’m the universe’s gehenna when I’m disenchanted. You will feel the deadly aura curling up on your skin, going around your sides like a wave taking over the shores. I will talk so quietly, you’ll believe I either am burnt with disappointment, or suffering with voice disorder. I will try to make you feel the pain of the fire within me. My problem is, my only weapon is silence. I only shut my mouth and wait for your neurons to send the hints to the brain. I will wait for you to ask what is wrong, and when you finally do, I will only say nothing. I would be on cloud nine believing everything is going as planned, and when you mess it, I can only understand. I can only understand the idea of you not caring. I can only understand how different your limbic system function from mine. It’s all scientific, you see. With three words, I’m all yours. With one sentence, I’m on top of the world. And with one word, my cerebellum orders me to walk away. Science explained why your shinning brown eyes sank my foot in the deadly mud. It explained why my blinded happiness lifted my head so I won’t notice that I’m sinking. And why one word, one action, and one feeling, broke the thin glass of my lonely love. I was done, for good. But you know, science never explained why my brain, despite knowing everything, chose to stay in the mud. Believing that maybe someday, you’ll jump fearlessly to my rescue. 


One thought on “Maybe I shouldn’t be thankful this time. 

  1. Hi Jonathan, thanks for the great work.As mentioned in Marco’s blog comments, I would like to see some mechanism for custom dialogs, i.e with a completely separate stage: Dit&8gs.showCusaomDlg(l#o230;, Stage dlgStage, Class returnValue, …)Thanks


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