A terrorist on Halloween.  

As I started thinking of what to wear for Halloween, my Arab spirituality started rising, and I wanted to celebrate my nationality as an Arab in America. So, weeks before Halloween, I decided to be an Arab from the 15’s. I got my mom’s friend dress ( which even had a smell of my grandma in it somehow ), and put on the tattoos on my face using liquid eyeliner. 

And then, went to the ignorant school. 

As I walked through the halls, the eyes of the people kept looking at me in confusion, and maybe even fear too. Their eyes literally felt like it was speaking to me asking why am I a terrorist, just because I had tattoo’s on my face instead of Cleopatra’s eyeliner. They would be staring at my dress as if I wasn’t wearing anything. As if I did something so shameful. 

I ignored whatever stares i felt behind my back and walked to my classrooms. I saw guys dressed in military outfits, gun bullets around their chest, racist outfits, dangerous outfits, but out of all of those, I was the one getting criticized for having tattoo’s on my face. 

And as I was blaming others and feeling bad, my friend said “we should write on a piece of paper ” read a book” and stick it to your chest for all those ignorants.” that made me think of this quote:

Ignorance brings chaos not knowledge. 

Which is true. People who read about the history of the cultures and who, at least, acknowledges that everyone is different somehow, wouldn’t freak out over tattoos on my face for Halloween. 

I mean for god’s sake I like to read books , but I know I’m not good at writing, I know my face looked terrifying in a way, but don’t be so ignorant to put me in the same category as the terrorists. 

Because doing that is hurtful on levels you can’t imagine, considering my family lives in one of the countries that they’re destroying. 

Educate yourself. Read books about different things. Learn different cultures, at least the big picture. Accept everything and everyone. But most importantly, don’t assume people’s intentions, and say, or even think, about such things. 

I keep talking rubbish but you get the main idea, right? Anyway, I’ll just sleep, love you, goodnight. 


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