And goddamn it you need to let go 

”You’ve got to think of letting go like that first time you crossed the road by yourself. You’ll remember how you were standing there and you reached up to take your mum or dad or older sister or grandad’s hand and you were left clutching desperately at thin air. And you’ll remember how this wave of panic ran through your bloodstream like electricity and the green man was flashing and your ears were ringing with the beeping but still nobody grabbed your hand. You’ll remember feeling like you were about to fall right off the curb and onto the road and nobody was there to anchor you to the safety of the pavement, nobody was there to stop you from crashing into the unknown. 

But then you’ll remember the day that that all changed. You’ll remember the time that you reached up and, even though nobody was there, you took a small step onto the road. And then you’ll remember how you took another and continued to stumble your way across the danger zone to the other side. You’ll remember how you flinched at every noise because surely, without your mum or dad or older sister or grandad, you would get hit. Surely there’s no way you can make it alive without your safety bubble. But you do. So the next time you took those steps they were a little bigger. And the next time you felt your back straighten a little. And suddenly you’re walking like you used to, with your eyes staring at the path ahead and you don’t miss a step and you don’t hurry back to safety at every sudden noise. And then you realise that you don’t need that helping hand anymore, you don’t need a shield or a safety bubble.

And that’s when you know you’ve let go.”

p.s. I didn’t write this. It Was written  by a tumblr user called “afadingdancer” and i fell in love with it. 


2 thoughts on “And goddamn it you need to let go 

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  2. Having worked for WalMart (albeit in the middle of the night stocking the shelves), I can tell you there there ARE Associates that care and that will do anything to satisfy the customer errrr well not THAT lol While the store gets a bad rap most of the time, you RARELY see them going out of business, they are growing and building. Kudos to the Store Director for taking care of your friends issue, my guess is that the Associate(s) involved is either dealing with write-ups in her file and/or unemployed now.


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