The city of Angels. 

LA. The city of Angels. Hollywood. Lights. People. The most fun city I’ve been to so far. 

It’s not as beautiful as Switzerland, or as loud as new york. But the entertainment within it’s street is so boisterous that I enjoyed every single step I took, and every single star I walked on. 

Well, there are a lot of people. Too many people for a introvert like me to handle. But the dress-up characters in it, the music floating through its street, the different kinds of personalities each person owns is breath taken. And I mean every word. 

Okay, so maybe I over exadurated a little. But here’s the facts; it’s crowded, loud music, movies, again crowded, too many bars, drunk people, tons of lovely-dovey-touchy relationships ( which most of them were so cute i died of the feels), and did I mention crowded

And I did think that it would have been too much to handle for a introvert like me. For a transition from my room to HOLLYWOOD I thought I won’t handle it. 

But the fun I had in it cleared all of that thoughts. It. Was. Beautiful.  


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