Dream Big. But Stay Realistic. 

Dear elders,
Ever since we were kids, our families, friends, and relatives would fill our heads with the talks of “you’re gonna be a great doctor when you grow up. Engineer. A-list singer. Model. Blah blah” 

But then you grow up. And the real talk starts. “Be realistic, that major is too hard. Be realistic you can’t study for 12 years. Be realistic your wasting your life.” 

Serious question; what do you want from us? How can we be aspired doctors when your be realistic speech is telling me that I’m not good enough? You want this generation to be realistic? Then stop trying to make us achieve your dreams when you were the ones who couldn’t make it. And leave us try to make ours come true.

The thing is, it’s scary. The future. And the fact that we have to go through it on our own is terrifying. so the idea of going through the promised land, the land that adults promised that it would be easy, and realizing it would be a nightmare, that terrifies us.

We want to be the next big thing, but we also acknowledge the fact that not all of us are born with brains, or beauty, or some forms that can be used to survive. And that’s okay. Come to think of it, Charles Darwin was right. about Survival of the fittest.

My point is, just because a person doesn’t want to be a doctor and want to be a business student or barista instead , does not make them stupid for not being ambitious enough. The fact that they feel passionate about something, whatever it may be, is the best ambition someone can ever feel.

And just because a person is going to college but they don’t know what is going to be their major does not make them apathetic, it makes them humans. and humans have the right to be confused and scared of the future.

so please, don’t decide our future for us, it’s scary enough that we have to make that choice ourselves.
Yours truly,



3 thoughts on “Dream Big. But Stay Realistic. 

  1. I love your post, I can relate so much but about the promised land, you just have to believe and trust the Lord God for you will be granted. Don’t be terrified 🙂 It just requires fate and patience.

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  2. Concerning starting fires and preps for that: something that lights falysreaiily and quickly is STEEL WOOL and burns well. I saw this on some TV program and tried it. It worked well. Maybe we could include a bag of dry steel wool as tinder also in the list? Who would think steel would burn!?


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