MY FIRST PRESENTATION. EVER. (My mental panic story)

“Saja, you’re up. Show us what you’ve got” the teacher said. 

oh god, she’s calling me, that’s my name. Oh god. No. I’m Saja aren’t I? She’s looking at me. okay, let’s get up and put my presentation on the screen. how hard can it be…

WHERE’S MY PRESENTATION? NO NO NO…. I’m positive that I send it to my email. OH, it’s in my google drive. Okay (Calm voice) , now we put it on the screen so everyone would see my work. oh god (NERVOUS), now we put it on the screen so everyone would see my work…

Okay okay. calm down Saja you got this. “So my subject is…”

Yes I’m doing it. I’m talking. wooww It’s easier than thought. oh wait why is she looking at me and laughing hard? everyone Is looking at me I know but why is she laughing? is there something on my face? is there a problem in my project? but the teacher seems interested. what the hell is wrong here!

oh god I’m having a panic attack. not now don’t have a panic attack now. let’s play the video so you can catch a breath.

why isn’t it playing? the video isn’t playing!! shit. okay you have to keep talking. almost there. wait what was it that I wanted to say next? oh right the symptoms. okay you’re almost done.

she’s smiling! my teacher is liking what I’m Babbling. that’s good. A+ here I come!

“and that’s it for my presentation..” now go sit down like a boss. wait, everyone is clapping hard for me. was I good? I thought I sucked!

“Now,does anyone have an opinion about Saja’s presentation ? ” the teacher asked.” she was good” “She have a lot of good information” ” she was confident so the presentation was good”

“Well, what I liked is that when the video stopped you didn’t freak out and moved on so good job!” The teacher said.

I WAS CONFIDENT? ME? WOW! okay that’s good. I did not expect that .. but didn’t freak out?! haha, if only she knew.

“Hey, Saja wait up!” the girl that was laughing yelled my name! is something wrong?

“Your presentation was great, I saw you looking at me when I was laughing and I wanted to tell you that I was just shocked cause we both had the same subject to talk about” “Oh, Okay. Thank you!”

Okay that’s good, so I didn’t suck. That’s a relief.

Phew, It’s over.


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