So you’re in this jungle called life. everyone is social, friendly, with outgoing-personality’s.
and your just there. in your own bubble. with no more than one friend, or if your really giving it all you’ve got , two tops. people say that your shy but you now that your not. you just don’t want to interact with anyone. you don’t feel comfortable socializing, you don’t feel comfortable talking with other’s, and all you want to do is go back home, sit in your room, and stare on your computer screen, write something, draw, watch something, do anything instead of going outside.
if you’re like that, like me, then you have nothing wrong with you, your just an introvert. and most importantly, you. are. not. alone.
let’s break what introvert means down for you.


1-” this is my friend, and she’s shy “…
I. AM. NOT. SHY. that is the first myth about introverts, we are not shy. just because we don’t talk much with strangers like ‘normal’ people do, does not mean that we’re shy.(although i don’t believe that there are any “Normal” people out there. we are all crazy and damn proud of it!)
shy people hate being quiet and want to change their condition of being uncomfortable around people, introverts don’t. we want to be alone. we want to be quiet and listen to other people talk.

2-“small talks” is definitely not in our dictionary.  

you see, just because i don’t talk the small talks with you like what i ate, what songs i listen to, what’s the real name of doctor who, A LOT, does not mean that i hate you or don’t want to have any form of communication with you. “Let’s clear one thing up: Introverts do not hate small talk because we dislike people,” Laurie Helgoe writes in “Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength.” “We hate small talk because we hate the barrier it creates between people.”

3-Textbook Introverts are a thing ( I know, I am one of them).
Don’t you just love talking about that amazing, thought-provoking book you just finished reading? or you want to discuss a philosophical conversations? than your like me, a textbook introvert.

4-we are easily bored and distracted from/of parties.. yes, we get bored of parties.
extroverts tend to get bored of having nothing to do and want to call friends, go outside and do something fun. introverts are the opposite, we get bored of loudness and we get distracted in our own thoughts that “I’m sorry I wasn’t listening what did you ask” is like our #1 answer to everything.

4-“down times” are not boring for introverts.  
My brother is an extrovert, so staying at home for the weekend with coffee, books, and Netflix is the greatest horror for him. unlike me. if my friends call and they want to hang out, or my mom wants to go shopping with me and i want to stick at home and call it a night, even if it was 12 p.m. i. stay. home.

5- I would rather do a presentation to 100 people, than talk to 5 new people i just met individually.
introverts are said to have a great presentation skills, 40% of CEO’s have introverted personalities. but dear god don’t make me “mingle” with strangers about things. the horror. not that i dont want to meet them. i just dont like the small talk of” oh and where are you from? what school do you go to? etc.” i just a want a friendship where it just clicks and BAM we are best friends.

6- on the bus, the back seat is a must. 
We’re likely to sit in places where we can get away when we’re ready to — easily,” says Dembling. “When I go to the theater, I want the aisle seat or the back seat.
7- phone-calls all of a sudden? sorry, not mentally prepared. call you later.
when my friends call my phone, I don’t pick the phone right away. even if its people i love. because  i need to be mentally prepared for that 60 minute conversation.
when i used to go out with my best friend, every time my phone rings i would give it to her to answer, because i just dont like talking on the phone. and because of that people thought that i was ignoring them.

8- i like the big picture. 
on projects, when my friends go to do the details first, i like to do the full project first, to see how everything will look like, then go and do the details. dont ask why…

9-“enjoy life more, just come out of your shell” 
my friend just said that to me today. so as i mentioned earlier, parties are not my thing. well the same goes for ” prom”. so my friend wants to go to prom next year, and shes talking about make up and hair and dress and blah blah. so i say ” well you go and tell me all about it” and she’s like ” uh-uh girl your coming with me next year i wont have a date anyways and i want to go and have fun with my friends and your coming”. and them BAM, the horror. prom. people. party. dancing. oh god. and i tell her sorry wont come just not my thing. and then she gives me the lecture of “coming out of my shell” which im sure all of you heard.

last but not least,
10- we are not ashamed of who we are as introverts.  
before i knew i was an introvert, people used to tell me to go out more, stop staying at home, make more friends, and then i’ll get out of the habit of being a loner. well here’s the thing, i like being a loner. i have no problem with having two friends and not socializing . and i just don’t like leaving my room.

comment your thoughts on this and if there’s any more introvert personality trait be sure to say it.


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